International Participants coming to India for the GES 2017, depending on their eligibility could apply for e-Visa, Business visa or Journalist visa.

1. Electronic Business Visa (e-Visa): Delegates registered for GES 2017 and holding passports of countries, which are eligible for the Indian e-Visa scheme may apply for e-Visa (sub-category: e-Business visa). The list of countries which are covered under the e-visa scheme and other e-Visa related information could be accessed here

2. Business Visa: Delegates registered for GES 2017 and who belong to a country, that is not covered in the e-Visa Scheme may apply for a regular Business visa at the respective Indian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in their respective countries. Information on business visa can be accessed here

3. Journalist Visa: Media-persons (print and visual) attending the GES need to apply for Journalist Visa (J-visa) from the respective Indian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate. Information on journalist visa can be accessed here

Family members accompanying participants may apply for an e-Visa (sub-category: e-Tourist visa) or obtain a regular Tourist visa from the Indian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate abroad.

Important Links

For more information related to countries covered under the Indian e-Visa scheme, e-Visa procedures, fees etc., visit:

Link to visa form

For general visa instructions

India Visa instructions for US citizens / residents

*Please note that all the attendees need to apply for e-visa/Visa under Business sub-category, and not Conference sub-category .